Shout at the sky (a poem about inequality)

Shout at the sky

Shout at the sky

All we can do is shout at the sky

They speak of God

Yet they’re the devil

I can’t believe

We treat them so civil

They steal our food

Our labor, our lives

And all we can do is shout at the sky

Shout at the sky

Wish we could do more

Than shout at the sky

They hoard the wealth

Like dragons in the dens

Wouldn’t using it

To heal make more sense?

And yet they hoard more

Till our babies cry

And all we can do is shout at the sky

Shout at the sky

All we can do

Until we all die

Been going about things wrong (TnV update/explanation)

Been a good while since the last Tom and Vince story left off with Vince floating in oblivion and Tom discovering he has a supporting cast beyond Morty and Satan. There’s a reason for that.

Been trying to do a sequel to the last story off and on (now mostly off) and I have begun to realize that making stories within a singular plot is hard. If I wanna get with the big names in writing I gotta step up my game!

I’m still working on that story, but while I am in an “off” phase I will try to make smaller stories around the new cast. I’ll try to get the first one out around the beginning of October.

Till next time everyone !

What to do for my birth month…?

My birthday is at the end of the month (September 30, to be clear) and I need to do something special for all of you for it… but what?

The natural answer would be another Tom and Vince story, but I have been stuck on my current one for a few months now, dug myself into a narrative hole and can’t get out!

Maybe introduce a new storyline… I’ll figure it out soon, I promise!

Till next time!


Working for tomorrow

Buried by the past

We wish to be treated as men

And yet act like we’re mechanical

~Just a little smash poetry for the day. Been working a little hard at the real world job, so I’ve been tired a lot. Still making time for story writing-wish there were more hours in the day, not that it would help as I’m an early sleeper. All the same, gotta make as much time for writing as I can.

Till next time, I guess.

Feeling adrift

I’m still alive, in case everyone is wondering. Been working on the new Tom and Vince story, but it’s taking a real long time. And when I say “long” I mean LOOONG.

It is a challenge writing what is basically a season one ending to this series. Trying to introduce new characters, but I am not sure where to go or if I chose the right way to introduce them. GAH, the insecurity is palpable!!

Just wanted you all to know why it is taking so long to get a new story out. Sorry it’s been so long since my last update. I will have to do better by all of you…

Till next time…

We all want to be heroes (And a bearing of the soul)

We all want to be heroes

See our names in lights

But being a hero means more

Than looking for a fight.

We think being a hero

Means going big

Or giving all

What if heroism

Means something small?

Like a hug

Or a helpful hand,

Being a hero happens.

We all have small chances

At heroism

Even if we don’t notice

How what we did

Saved lives and enhances.

We can be heroes,


We ARE heroes

Every day, in small ways.

NOTE: I write this feeling guilt over not being the kind of person I think I should be.

Explanation: There was a small kitten in distress at my place of work. I heard it, and looked for it, but couldn’t find it. The best I could do since it was a Subday was hope that it lived long enough for it to be rescued on Monday (no rescue services available at the time).

I don’t know what happened to it, or if it is alive, but I wish I could have done more. I have to do more, and be better than I am now. Least, that’s how I feel…