Been going about things wrong (TnV update/explanation)

Been a good while since the last Tom and Vince story left off with Vince floating in oblivion and Tom discovering he has a supporting cast beyond Morty and Satan. There’s a reason for that. Been trying to do a sequel to the last story off and on (now mostly off) and I have begunContinue reading “Been going about things wrong (TnV update/explanation)”

Tom And Vince Halloween Special, Part 2!!!

Better late than never, right? RIGHT?! Well, anyway, here it is! Till next time!! Tom and Vince Halloween Special Part 2: The Trick Halloween 2020 was proving to be a busy holiday. The stores were out of candy, mostly because Old Ms. Crowley had bought all the full-size bars. Kids were going for treats whileContinue reading “Tom And Vince Halloween Special, Part 2!!!”

Sneak peek of the next Tom and Vince Chapter

This chapter will have some rather… timely humor. Also, swearing, sexual humor and profanity. Reader beware. Tom and Vince were sitting at the lunch table eating some chicken fried pizza when Vince asked, “You hear how fucked up American politics is?” “JESUS, Vince!!” Tom cried out after swallowing his last mouthful. “Please, I’m eating here!!”Continue reading “Sneak peek of the next Tom and Vince Chapter”

The COntinuing Misadventures of Tom and VInce- Chapter 2

Gentlemen, BEHOLD!!! I have made a dated Adult Swim reference!! Also, another chapter in the misadventures of Tom and Vince. Enjoy! WARNING: ADULT CONTENT AHEAD!!! Misadventures of Tom and Vince Episode 2: Tom’s freaking sweet(?) porno collection Vince wasn’t happy.  Bad enough his co-star, Tom, had started to spend way too much time in hisContinue reading “The COntinuing Misadventures of Tom and VInce- Chapter 2”

The Misadventures of Tom and Vince: Chapter 1

A story I wrote a while ago. Hope everyone enjoys it! WARNING: CONTAINS FOUL LANGUAGE AND ADULT HUMOR Episode 1: Death is a Chick Tom sat on the porch of his house and lit up some marijuana.  He didn’t care that the neighbors’ kids were watching.  He didn’t even care about the cops that droveContinue reading “The Misadventures of Tom and Vince: Chapter 1”