My First Blog Post

The Hub is ON LINE

The Hub of CreatiV is online!!

WELCOME ALL! I am the Master of the Hub, Dusty_PlZ, and this is Studio CreatiV!

Here, I will post stories, poems, and the occasional bit of personal news. Be sure to check in from time to time to see what is new! This whole experience is new to me, so bear with me, as I don’t really know what I’m doing (*embarassed LOL*!)

Now, onward!!!

Immortal’s Lament

You saw me weeping

Down by the roadway,

Clutching my heartstrings

Wanting to feel again

You went and showed me

The light in my darkness

While I was knowing

I’d have to bury you.

Sorry for taking

So long to come back

Your children are lovely

And look at how tall you’ve grown.

I’ll tell my new friends

Good things about you

They’ll never meet you

I had to bury you.

What is worth leaving behind?

People are always talking about leaving a legacy—

A testament to their history, their accomplishments.

The worst try to subvert truth and make themselves look like saints

And, depending on their wealth and status, they succeed.

Some want their legacy to be known not by tales, but deeds—

A great act, or a terrible crime.

Making a mark on the world that lingers on, becoming legend.

What should we leave behind—

Tales, or deeds?

Should it be both?

And what if we have nothing to leave?

Sketchy Things

I haven’t been writing as much as I used too. You’re aware of that, I’m aware of that, and I apologize.

The main reason for my lack of writing is because I have taken a renewed interest in sketching. Here’s two of my works as follows…

This is a clown mercenary/goddess of chaos in human form. Her name is Loona (pending a better name).
This one is my newest (and my first attempt at shading). There is a light source from the right that is supposed to be illuminating her. This is Michiru the Guillotine btw…

What do you all think of my art? Would you like me to share more? Let me know. Till next time!

J Edgar Hoover was a Bastard

Authority is evil, and we all know it

Attracting the worst of society,

The degenerates and the sociopaths.

The halls of power are lined with the blood of the innocent.

The revolutionaries, the dreamers, the pure

All victims

All to be sacrificed by the mighty

At the altar of power.

We must rise.

We must fight the powerful

Any way we can.

And in fighting we may die

But to live under the powerful is worse.

Miles in the Dark

Alone in the world

Naysayers abound

“You are wrong” they say

“You false prophet!”

They spit and curse at you.

“How DARE you question our god!!”

If they only knew

That their god was false

Like the last one was.

Gotta keep moving.

To stay in this town is death.

New gods every 4 years and nothing gets better…

Yet no one cares.

“We got our god” they say

“And they do no wrong

For their shit is golden

And smells of strawberries.”

They are starving, filthy, poor



Must keep going…

Just a few more miles to go.

Maybe there will be sanity in the next town…

In German class, Jr High

Describe something you learned in high school.

Junior High wasn’t a good time for me. The first year, I was bullied till I had several paranoid/mental breakdowns and my parents threatened to sue the school. Next year, I spent a lot of time avoiding school-my mind associated the place with trauma (wonder why…)

However, between being pelted with urine-soaked paper towels and playing hooky to avoid the previous sentence I took a beginner class in German. That class was probably the best time I ever had in Jr High…

I learned a few words and phrases that cling to my mind to this day. I learned to count to ten:










Zehn! And I probably mangled the spelling of a lot of those (I remember the sound of the numbers more than the spelling…)

I learned that a beautiful woman (or a fly honey in 90’s speak) was a honig- also the word for what bees make!

But, most importantly…

I learned that apfelkuchen (apple cake) tastes awesome and kicks MAJOR ASS!! Story behind that lesson is my teacher brought over a custom baked apple cake for the class. I was so enamored by the taste-the caramel over the apples, the cinnamon crumbles-I not only had seconds, I said out loud “Man, apfelkuchen kicks ass!” Which garnered a laugh from my classmates.

Like I said, best time I had in Jr high.

Till next time!

I make memes now, too!

Been experimenting with making memes for a short time and I wanna share what I made! Here they are…

My most recent creation
Made this with help from my cat!

I know this has less than nothing to do with writing-sorry. But I like it cuz it’s a way to be creative in bite size bits. Some things take less than a sentence to say…

Till next time!

What makes us unique

Which aspects do you think makes a person unique?

What makes us unique

Is in the personality-how we act and react to people and other stimuli

It’s in our experiences-the events both personal and societal that shape us

It’s in our traumas-the bad times and how we deal with them

It’s in our triumphs-victories both big and small.

What makes us unique? One question with a million different answers.

But in the end,

What makes us all unique is… just us.

Oh, Rona

Oh, Rona

Why must you hurt me so?

I didn’t mean to cross you,

And now I wish you’d go

Hey Rona,

How did life make you so cruel?

Life is hard as it is

Without you breaking the rules

Please Rona

Why don’t you make up your mind

Will you leave my life quickly

Could you ever be so kind?

Rona, Rona, oh ohh Rona…

In honor of my coronavirus infection I got over the weekend. Till next time!