Working for tomorrow

Buried by the past

We wish to be treated as men

And yet act like we’re mechanical

~Just a little smash poetry for the day. Been working a little hard at the real world job, so I’ve been tired a lot. Still making time for story writing-wish there were more hours in the day, not that it would help as I’m an early sleeper. All the same, gotta make as much time for writing as I can.

Till next time, I guess.

Feeling adrift

I’m still alive, in case everyone is wondering. Been working on the new Tom and Vince story, but it’s taking a real long time. And when I say “long” I mean LOOONG.

It is a challenge writing what is basically a season one ending to this series. Trying to introduce new characters, but I am not sure where to go or if I chose the right way to introduce them. GAH, the insecurity is palpable!!

Just wanted you all to know why it is taking so long to get a new story out. Sorry it’s been so long since my last update. I will have to do better by all of you…

Till next time…

We all want to be heroes (And a bearing of the soul)

We all want to be heroes

See our names in lights

But being a hero means more

Than looking for a fight.

We think being a hero

Means going big

Or giving all

What if heroism

Means something small?

Like a hug

Or a helpful hand,

Being a hero happens.

We all have small chances

At heroism

Even if we don’t notice

How what we did

Saved lives and enhances.

We can be heroes,


We ARE heroes

Every day, in small ways.

NOTE: I write this feeling guilt over not being the kind of person I think I should be.

Explanation: There was a small kitten in distress at my place of work. I heard it, and looked for it, but couldn’t find it. The best I could do since it was a Subday was hope that it lived long enough for it to be rescued on Monday (no rescue services available at the time).

I don’t know what happened to it, or if it is alive, but I wish I could have done more. I have to do more, and be better than I am now. Least, that’s how I feel…

Back to work (and the struggles of writers block)

So, I went back to work at the beginning of May. I’m happy to say that everyone missed me (even got an ovation from one coworker!!) and there wasn’t too much left undone from when I went on leave in January.

Doesn’t mean it’s been a total gas, though; I still have a weak back and been going back to the chiropractor since restarting work. Least I don’t hurt as bad as I did before…

In other bad news, I am struggling with that common enemy of writers everywhere. That’s right, I ran into a block-a WRITERS BLOCK. Got a TnV story in the works, but I don’t know how to continue the story. But I will persevere!

I’m sorry that I haven’t posted too often lately. I hope to fix that, starting today. Till next time!

Get Up Soldier

Get up, get up

The enemy’s near

Get up get up

Before they are here

Arm up, arm up

Pick up your armor and sword

Arm up, arm up

And take heart the Lord’s word

Stand up, stand up

They’re lining in rows

Shields up, shields up

They’re raining arrows

Fight on, soldier

We will win

And when the fighting is done

The reveling will begin!

Back to Work

Started working again! Gonna be mostly weekend mornings, so I will have time to do things on weekdays and afternoons.

Glad they’re taking it slow with me to be honest. My first day was Monday morning, and it was busy! My foot ached from all the walking I had to do, but I got through it. Proud of that.

I am working on a new TnV story-a sort of mid season finale. Be on the lookout for that. Till next time!

Sanctuary Isle-Geography and History

The picture featured is my VERY FIRST attempt at drawing geography. This is an original island nation, formerly known as Atlantis, renamed after the Atlantean capital of Attuna sunk along with half the island during a titanic tussle between the super-powered immortal called Demigod and a gigantic wraith made of fire and shadow known as Agemmnos.

The sunken capital has become part of a sunken district populated by a race of amphibious aliens called Zantaurians (they’re kinda like humanoid dolphin-people) while the new capital has been designated as Sanc. There is an intergalactic market (the Galactic Terminal Market) in San Mordeno, and plenty of crime in the nearby Mixed Slums (thanks to lax practices in the early part of First Contact a lot of criminal ETs live on Earth).

The sunken geography features an underwater mountain range full of fish life and coral reefs, which is good for the Zantaurians (and great for Zantaurian fishing businesses!) and the cliffs off to the South are home to another of Sanctuary Isle’s famous citizens, Agatha Prentiss Apple (a former High Regent and pre-cog, as well as the nation’s oldest resident.) The nation itself is located off the coast of Portugal/Spain, and stands as the gateway to the Atlantic and the Americas….

I will talk more about this world and its lore if you’d like. Till Next Time!

Disability Blues: The Bombshell

Today, I was delivered an atom bomb.

I been out of work for a long time (two 1/2 months) with a back injury. I been calling, and calling, and waiting for a call to schedule a evaluation, cause I thought that’s what I needed to get back to work.

I get a call from the benefits coordinator for my job, and GUESS WHAT MOFOS?!? I was supposed to be working since February 1st! And my doctor conveniently FORGOT TO TELL ME!!

So now, I am wracked with anxiety over when I should go back to work and wether I even have a job anymore! I could’ve known sooner if I had just done more advocating for myself. Let this be a lesson to anyone who is disabled and working: NEVER STOP ADVOCATING FOR YOURSELF.

Well, that’s all the rant I have left. Till next time!