A Surprising Turn…

Well, this is a nice turn of events.

You see, I put in to join a publishing group not too long ago (end of last month, at the earliest). They hadn’t contacted me for a long time, so I figured they weren’t interested and moved on…

Well turns out, they ARE interested!! I have to submit manuscripts to get paid, so it will be a while before I see any profit from this venture. Even so, this is an exciting new chapter for me and I will keep everyone updated as things progress.

Till Next Time!!

A Quick Announcement from Tom… and Vince

“Hey, Vince?” Tom stood in front of the gathered crowd nervously. He didn’t like being around the nameless background characters; mostly because they were literally faceless. They may as well have been meat puppets, he thought.

Vince had called them out for an announcement, but he neglected to tell Tom about it. This made Tom angry, which in conjunction with his uneasiness around the faceless ones made him even more on edge. Worse, it made him sweat like a hog in heat. “Vince?? Dammit, Vince, get the fuck out here and tell us what the fuck is-

“Yeah Tom?” Tom turned around and saw Vince in a Dracula costume. “Uhm… Vince? Halloween is over…”

“Not according to the Simpsons’ calendar,” Vince said, tapping his watch.

Tom scoffed. “What, we’re going by the fucking SIMPSONS?! We gonna start murdering homeless people for ratings, too?”

Vince looked down in shame. “My second-best friend was homeless. When he saw that episode where Homer pretended to be homeless, he hung himself.”

“Yeah,” Tom looked angrily at the viewers, hoping to heaven one of them was Simpsons creator Matt Groening. “Shame on you, Simpsons. Fucking limousine liberal pricks.”

Vince then got to the point. “Television politics aside, I gathered all of you today to announce the


Tom was taken aback by that sora stylized announcement. “Whoa! We’re having a Halloween special?!”

“YES, TOM! WE- oh sorry, still got announcer voice there…” After clearing his throat, he continued. “We’re sorry that we haven’t released our third episode, and to make it up, we will be having three- count em, THREE- short minid-episodes based around the previous holiday. There will be one with Morty, our lovely lady of all things death and dying…”

“OOH, scintillating!!” Tom interjected.

“One with us, your main… uh, I guess we could be called ‘heroes’…”

“Gotta cheer for something,” said Tom. “May as well be us!”

“…Aaaand in the third episode, we’ll be having some CELEBRITY guests!!”

“[copyrighted to other people, please don’t sue]” Tom did his best impression of a legal contract, then went back in character and said, “Holy fuck, Vince! How will we do ALL of that in one month?”

“You have any idea how long a month is?” Vince announced. “It’s thirty days or more, dumbass!”

Tom laughed. “Well, guess we got some work to do!”

“Yes, we do!” Vince then addressed the viewing audience. “If you wanna see these mini-episodes, go to


And we will have one released every week!”

“WOW, what a tight schedule!” Tom remarked. “You think that lazy asshole who writes for us will be able to get his shit together in time??”

“I guess we’ll have to find out!” Vince responded. “The first mini ep will take place next Tuesday and be updated weekly! Tune on in, everyone!”

Tom and Vince waved and both ended with “Till next time!!”

Quick update

I didn’t like the direction I was going in my first draft of Tom and Vince chapter 3, so I am going to redo it from the part where they stop watching Netflix. Long story short, I felt that the story was getting overly political when it really needed to be underlying political tones. I’ll have to make it up to you all…

In the meantime, been working on getting recognized. Updated my resume on Glassdoor, and gonna try to put some feelers out soon. I will keep everyone posted.

Till next time!

On writing Eastern style fiction…

Been thinking about getting back into writing fantasy style stories again. Now, we ALL have to admit that Western fantasy has been done.

I think I may try to branch out and make a story with characters and creatures based on Eastern fantasy, while avoiding Japanese folklore. Which has ALSO been done.

So, after I finally finish the next Tom and Vince story (Haven’t forgotten, don’t worry!) my next project will be a fantasy story based on folklore of mainland China. If anyone has any folklore/fantasy stories or websites I should check out, let me know.

Till next time!

TnV Story pt. 3

(AM I overdoing it politically…?)

Despite my struggle with writer’s fatigue, I have been plugging away with my writing on the next Tom and Vince story. I am a bit worried about one of the themes.


The main focus of the story is that Tom and Vince get roped into hunting a bunch of demons in human form. These demons turn out to be various American political figures in the broadest of their stereotype (Biden is a perv, Trump wears a fake Hitler mustache, Obama has a poisonous silver tongue, etc.) Point is, am I overdoing the political theme??

I feel like politics has taken over too much of my creativity, and I need to rethink the theme of the story. Feels like I’m overdoing this…

If any of you care enough, let me know in the comments what you think. Till Next time!

My first attempt at a doodle. What do you think?

Been in a Funk, Please Forgive

I know I should be working on that TnV story I promised two months ago. I apologize for the wait, guys and gals.

The main reason for the wait is, unfortunately, personal. I don’t know why, but I haven’t been able to write a sentence for weeks. It’s beyond writer’s block; it’s the stress of going through this cursed year turning into mental lethargy. I used to write and cook, now I don’t have the will to really do either!!

I’m really sorry about my little mental episode… my birthday is next month so hopefully that will make me happy enough to get through this…

Till next time, everybody…

*long beleaguered sigh*

They’re cutting my hours at work. They’re only working me weekends for the short term, which means less money and more free time. I can write some more at least…

I also been worrying a lot about the future. My country (America for those who don’t know) is doomed for the next four to eight years thanks to our “leaders” (who are more intent on raiding our coffers than they are with actually leading) not wanting to address the problems facing the world as a whole. All in all a shit year.

Well, once more into the breach. Till next time!!

Economic Holocaust!!!

(Or why I need money NOW!)

Oh my gosh, what two days can wreak!! Where do I even start?! Well, my banking was hacked and some asshat spent $1,500 (that I DEFINITELY did not have!!) and I can’t do anything about it until Monday. And, while that specter is hanging over my head, I get a visit from the Hospital Billing Fairy, who promptly pulled down his drawers and “gifted” me with a bill from the ER for over $2,000.

OH, FUN!!!

What I am saying from all of this is, I need money. And since my part-time job isn’t cutting it (if indeed it ever could in an American economy) the only way I will be able to find a way to get outta this hole that has been dug for me is to get some writing gigs. It doesn’t have to be focused on prose, either- Maybe you want me to make an invitation to something, or a short poem to commemorate an occasion.

If anyone is interested, please notify me in the comment section. Oh, and before I forget, the comic I made in the GO Southeast! collaboration is going to be on Comixology in a few days! Till next time!