Vigor + an update on my recovery




The will to survive

However you label it,

It’s what keeps us going.

We all have our reasons to keep on keeping on




My duty to both keeps me going.

~I haven’t been on for a while, so consider this a post and an update on how I been doing…

Recovery from my incident (getting hit by a car) is basically one day at a time. Still achy, still limping… still not at 100%. Able to stay upright for a bit longer at least-enough to get to the local coffee center and back (after a sit down to enjoy the Java). Wish that guy had been looking where he was driving still.

That is all for now. Till next time!

To the man who hit me with his car when I was crossing the street

Not a day passes that I wish you had seen me

But you didn’t. You never even looked my way.

After the hit you never acted like you gave a fig about what you did.

All you ever said was “get out of the road so cars can drive through”

Never coming close to me, you only schmoozed with the cops at the scene.

Did your tongue become silvery around them? Did they believe you when you told them “he came out of nowhere”?

I have to deal with what happened every day-

The pain, the missed work, the limp I’ll probably have my whole life now, the trauma that I must deal with…

Were you even inconvenienced when you hit me?

Here’s the kicker; the part that’ll probably make you laugh—

I don’t want to hate you.

I want to know what could’ve possibly caught your attention so much

You couldn’t look where you were going.

I want to know what, if anything, had gotten you in a rush to turn without looking.

I want to understand why the flow of traffic was more important to you than a human in pain was.

I don’t want to hate you

But you’re making it hard.

The Friday Incident

OR how I got hit by a car driven by a selfish idiot

Been a while since I posted, and honestly I’m to blame. Had been working on a story. Still making it my goal to have that story finished and posted here before years end.

But I have also had a lot of other things to contend with, which brings us to that title…

Yes, I was hit by a car. I was crossing the street to work and this red Ford Fusion-driven by a guy who should have been looking where he was going-runs into me, striking me on the hip.

I’m gonna be out from work for heaven knows how long, which means lost wages. Also, I have pain in my hips, chest (probably a fractured rib cage) right leg, a minor break on my right foot and scrapes on my hands and legs.

Now my mission is to get healed. Taking it easy this week (the week of my birthday) going to some specialists and hoping the pain won’t be forever. What a way to end the month…

Well, till next time.

Fears (+update)

Zombies and cannibals have their day,

Demons and ghosts get their way.

Monsters and myths

Run away swift!

Lest the night terrors get you, eh?

I been struggling creatively this year. Been trying to finish a Tom and Vince story-my first in years, can you believe it?!-but progress has been slow. Not surprisingly, balancing life and writing is hard. Should’ve known… :-/

Well, till next time!

To Reach for Dreams-a short essay

I have always envied those who had the ability to follow through with what they put their minds to. As someone who has trouble paying attention to things in general, it always seemed like a superpower to me.

Don’t care much for the term “self-made” because the idea of making it with no help whatsoever is a lie. It takes a lot of people investing their time and money into something to make anyone rich. However, I do admire the ones who stick with their dream project and see it through- even if they fail. It takes audacity to go through to the end with things.

So, I wanna say to those reading this: keep going. Keep reaching for those goals. They may seem far but you will get there. Be tenacious—bite on and don’t let go.

Till next time, everyone!

I ache

I ache

I hurt

Body sprains

I feel like dirt

Don’t know why

It hurts so

Feels so bad

Will I die?


Pain hurts

Not like dying

But if I need rest

My body ain’t lying.

-wrote this in the middle of a long work weekend. And yes, as of this moment, I ache. Send relief—an ice pack, a numbing agent-ANYTHING!!

Jk, I will manage on my own…

Making Friends is Better

One day, a man went to the top of a mountain to see a wise man. The man had a problem that he could not solve on his own.

After a day and a half of climbing, he saw a thin figure sitting in an old chair. His clothes, though clean, were ragged around the cuffs. He was mostly bald, save for the back of his head which was covered in steel gray hair.

The man spoke to the sitter, his voice truncated by deep breaths-he had exerted himself more than he thought he had…

“Are… are you the wise man?” He asked.

“I am a man,” came the reply, followed by “whether I am wise, I don’t know.”

The man shrugged. “Whatever. I got a problem…”

“So do a lot of people who come up here,” the wise man scratched his head. “Seen five others this week. Must be a rough one down there…”

“Listen,” the man interjected to keep to the subject. “I am a very lonely man. I have been all around the singles scene, been to every bar and even tried speed dating…”

“And…?” The wise man asked.

“And nothing! I feel isolated, like a damn leper!!” The man kicked a rock in frustration. “What am I doing wrong?!”

“Hmmm…” the wise man thought on that for a second. “What do you say to these women?”

The man tilted his head. “Uh… what?”

“Pretend I am an attractive woman. What would you say to me?”

The man understood, then went into his player mode. “Hey girl,” he rolled the ‘r’ in girl; the wise man was not amused. “How you doing? What’s your—

“Stop there,” the wise man held up his hand. “What’s your sign? You aren’t serious, are you?”

“Umm…” the man blushed.

“You can’t go around making passes on people like that.” The wise man explained. “In fact, you’re going about this all wrong. Everyone tried the bar scene. Heck, I tried it in my youth, and it never worked for me or anyone!!”

The man listened intently. The wise man continued: “It wasn’t until I found someone with the same interests as me that I learned the secret to finding love…”

The man leaned in so close he was ready to fall over. “What is it…?” He whispered.

“Follow me on this now,” the wise man leaned close to the man and said, “you need to stop prowling and start connecting.”

The man’s head titled again. “…huh?”

“You see, you go looking for empty, meaningless sex. If you did succeed- and that’s a huge ‘if’- you would feel nothing. You need to look for more than sex: you need to look first for a friend, then a place, and finally, if whoever you find deems it worthy, find love.”

“I don’t understand,” the man tried to clarify; “you saying that I should LOOK to be friend zoned?!”

“Not exactly,” the wise man put up a finger. “Look for someone who shares your interests and hobbies. You have those, don’t you?”

The man nodded. “I like playing video games and I like to go bird watching.”

“That’s where you should start, then.” The wise man explained. “Find people who share those interests and get to know them. Eventually you will find your place.”

The man tried to press for more explanation but the wise man was tired. His climb down, he pondered what the old man had told him.

Eventually, he tried to look for others who shared his interests. It wasn’t easy but eventually he made friends. After a while those friends allowed him into their clique and he found his place.

It took a longer time to find love, but when he did, it was through bird watching. On the weekend before the wedding, the man made one last trip up the mountain to pay his respects to the final resting place of the wisest man he knew.