We have been failed

We are not the failure

The rich and lazy

Are to blame

We are blameless

We have been failed

They take from us



Having no shame

No guilt or dissonance

And they call us undeserving?

Fuck them!!

We must not be dulled

We must put an end to the wealthy

And their corrupt ways

We must end the government with which they torment us





Oligarchs rake the profits

Off the backs of you and me


Cold hearted secret police

Keep the twisted “order”

To Punish and Enslave

For the political class,

The old grifter’s club!

Selling our freedoms to the highest bidders

We have no leaders

All killed by the secret police

COINTELPRO never ended

It only evolved.

We can condemn socialism

But fascism? NEVER!!!

For where would our old grifters be

If they had to deal fairly with us?

Perish the thought!

America is evil

America is bad

As an American, I fear my country like I fear damnation.

For what is hell,

But the absence of a voice?

PIGS (followed by a few thoughts)





Bullying the weak


With impunity

Then urging calm to the victim


They want calm?!


The only way to deal with PIGS

Is to stick them

Bleed them!


…those are my thoughts regarding police in America. I also believe that if our government wants us to get rid of our guns, they should disarm and abolish the American Gestapo first. Otherwise, they just want more victims. And stop trucking them to Israel to train with the Zionist oppressors!! Cop culture is paranoid and dangerous enough without some foreign asshat showing them how best to curb stomp a nonwhite person…!

And frankly, until we achieve police disarmament and abolition? We must never give up our guns. We must not let them make guns illegal either. Sorry to sound so right wing—I didn’t think this way before. I’ve seen the truth with all the brutality happening in this country. Go farther left than the useless Dems, and you get your guns back!

Till next time, my dear revolutionaries!!

My Health-A Quick Update

As my last post (which I still can’t think to classify as other than a lyrical complaint) suggested, I am indeed under the weather. I’ve been that way since at least January 14th, and while it is getting better, I’m still not feeling 100% yet.

More than a week later, I am still feeling tired and sleepy in the daytime, while coughing and hacking too many times to count. I work tomorrow and I still worry that I will be dragging my feet the next two days. Hoping things don’t get too busy…

I felt REALLY bad Monday, so maybe it’s all downhill from here and my health will recover. Till next time!

Insomnia and A Cold-A Dramatic Reenactment

(Warning: foul language)

Eyes closed

Almost sleeping-

Then a tickle in my throat.


Jolted from my sleepy state, I gag and cough up the phlegm!

Hours pass-11:45 pm

Back in bed. Almost asleep-

Eyes getting heavy,


The tickle in my throat returns


MOTHER FUCKER it happened again!!!

I go downstairs, nose running, gagging on phlegm.

Time passes-1:30 am.

This time… this time!!


Not gonna go without sleep.

Feeling fitful,

Body aching from the coughing and hacking…

Hard to sleep now, but eyes still heavy…

Then–that goddamn tickle!!



You know what?!

Fuck it-I’m staying up tonight!

I hate this damn cold!!

And I wanna rip whatever is causing that tickle out with my bare goddamn hands!!

…As you can guess, this is the roughest night of the week for me. Have had a bad cold since last weekend. Been dealing with the tickle for even longer. I’m not fronting-if I could, I WOULD rip out whatever is causing the tickle. Been dealing with it every night, and now? I feel like it whupped me for good.

Hope you’re having a better night than me, guys n gals. Till Next Time!

The Machines


Moving and “thinking”

The machines are taking over

Taking our jobs

Our creativity

Leaving us with nothing

Except bitter tears



The machines are at war

Killing the innocent

Destroying happy memories

Leaving nothing


Where people once stood


Gnashing metal teeth

The machines are taking over

Disarming us

Taking our power



Is left to stop them.

This stands as a warning: technology must not advance further than our morality

-self attributed

How long it’s been

How long it’s been

Since I saw you.

I used to look forward to you,

Now I dread seeing you.

I blocked all ties to you

From my mind,

My heart,

My contacts

And my social media.

Your last words,

“Kiss my ass, boy”

A reminder of what I meant to you.

I was nothing to you!

But a reminder of who you hate

Part of the Old,

To be tossed aside for the New.

I used to love you,

I used to yearn for your call,

Now? You are nothing

You are hated,



A lousy mother

Who hated her son.

This is dedicated to all of us who have had to suffer living under a toxic parent. We all have scars from our bad times. If we’re lucky they’ll lie under our skin…

On that somber note, till next time.

For Better Days

As we sleep

We dream of better days

Times where our children don’t starve

And we are not at war with our neighbors

Dreams are good

But reality isn’t

And thus

In order to realize the dream

We have to fight for those better days

Our enemies are fighting

Your enemies are fighting

Are you?

Happy holidays, and May we all have our better days in the near future! Till next time…!