A fun time in the summer

When I was young, the best time to be alive was the summer. Running out through those doors at school, knowing there was a long stretch before you had to go back… one of the best feelings of youth.

June was when the fireflies came out at night, their bodies flickering and blinking in the dark. July was marked by trips to the pool and celebrating the season. August was when the party wound down, with back-to-school sales and last minute trips before September came and the lights in our eyes dimmed, as we marched back through those doors.

I miss the feeling of those days. Now there are fewer fireflies in June, July is hot as ever with less to celebrate, and August is, well, another month. Age has a way of dimming the present while making the past seem so much brighter…

I hope most of you are enjoying the summer as best you can. Enjoy the summer. Enjoy youth, if you are young. And never, never let that light in your eyes dim.

Till next time…

Quick update (and apology)

I wanna start off by saying I’m sorry. I know there haven’t been many new poems or ANY stories for a long time. I’m trying to get one story finished before years end and that has been taking a lot of my creative juices to do. So much so I haven’t been able to think up any poems in awhile.

My work has been becoming scattered too. All last month I was working 3 days a week. Tomorrow is a 4 day week (during a heat wave because of freakin course) and after that? 2 days. I guess they been getting more help-which is good, don’t get me wrong-but it will be affecting my bank accounts. There’s also this whole “my government wants to start world war 3” anxiety I been dealing with. Oof, what a crappy year this is…!

I hope everyone is doing good by those they love. Hopefully things will calm down soon and we can work towards fixing the other things wrong with the world.

Till next time, everyone…

Virtual Rage

My fingers are quick

And as I type

My blood pressure rises

Along with my hype

I cannot be quiet

I will not cope

When they’d rather give out blame

When they should be giving hope

I’m virtually raging

Trolling trolls

Typing the good fight

No matter what rolls

I roast and roil

Fuming with angst

And now I realize-

My fail!

My blunder!

What on earth rhymes with angst?!!

A quick recap of how screwed we are

I know the world is looking at America right now and thinking “Wow, am I glad I don’t live there!” With a weak government, a court system of fanatical maniacs and a money-laundering operation that might just bring about the end of humanity, things are fucked like a kid on Epstein’s island (too soon?)

And that’s just America’s problems!! I mean, if the nations my readers live in are doing okay by them, great! But as comfy as I am, I still feel a sense of dread about how things are going, and WHERE things will lead.

I’m writing this to let anyone else who feels like this is a Bronze Age collapse but with WiFi and cars know: they’re sane. It’s normal to feel so stressed at the state of the world. I’d worry about the people who not only aren’t stressing, but enjoying these events. They’re the dangerous ones…

I also want everyone to know that if we want things to get better, we have to band together. Create links to people, online and in person, so you all can get through the storms. Also, might be a good time to learn how to grow and raise food outside the grocery store. Just a thought.

Well, that’s all for now. Till next time, friends!!

“Know your place”- a short story

My best friend died today in a pool of blood,

Shot by a cop.

He was protesting for equality

For equity,

But none of that matters to those boys in blue.

They came within minutes,



Dragging protesters and throwing them in the squad cars.

How many will we see again?

Not my friend.

He tried to stop the cops from beating his girlfriend.

So they shot him.

When they are asked about it weeks later they will say

“He should’ve known his place”

Yet they never have to learn theirs…