The Mystic Song of Adelline

One day I was weeping

The cause of sorrow unsleeping

My peals of pain did ring

When I get heard a humming

That sent my heart drumming

Of a maiden’s voice that did sing.

She told of a place

Where sorrow had no place

And the sufferer’s pealed no more

And people danced all day

In sun and in rain

And the soles of their shoes never wore

“Come with me, oh nameless one,

And suffer in loneliness no more.

I hear your crying

Your thirst for dying

And want to help you love living once more.”

As I stood up and listened

Her eyes did glisten

And she sang to me of a place

Called Adelline.

Of harvests unending

And pain relenting

She spoke and sang more

And as I listened

My sorrow then listed

And I so wanted to love her

And hear her lore.

She offered her hand to me

And we danced off towards the sea

To a place joyful and warm.

And I tell you this day

I feel no more pain

As I extend to a hand to those forlorn.

Now sit tight

And believe with all your might

And I shall take thee to Adelline this morn.

A treatise/rant about (sigh) hentai…

I’m really sorry to be talking about this, guys and gals. I feel absolutely terrible. And I wish I had a different rant for you all. But this needs to be asked, guys and gals, and I guess I’ll have to ask it…


I don’t understand it. Sex can be had in a healthy way. Promiscuity can be portrayed in a healthy way. But for some reason, every hentai has characters that are all, “I’m a fat bastard and I think I’ll have rape for breakfast”. WHY? WHY??? Not everyone is into rape. In fact, NO ONE SHOULD BE INTO RAPE CUZ IT’S HORRIFIC!!

I’m gonna be candid here with you all; I was sexually harassed as a teenager. Yeah, there apparently was a time where this schlub wasn’t too bad. Too bad the only person who saw it was the town creep who couldn’t speak from too much day drinking. I was sitting in a McDonald’s minding my own, when that slurring bastard comes outta nowhere, sits down across from me and starts, not talking, but mumbling. Kept grabbing my fucking hand like I was some waif, and as I tried to make my escape, he asks “Wanna go to the bathroom?” What. The. Fuck. Couldn’t get out of there fast enough.

Now, knowing this, you all probably can figure out how I feel about the fact too much hentai centers around dregs like Mumbly McPervert from way back when. I don’t get it! Are men in that nation so sexually repressed they can’t get it up without hearing someone beg them to stop??! Am I missing some cultural context here? I wish people commented on my posts here cuz I could really use some viewpoints on this.

Well… till next time…

The Rich will Kill Us All

Look at the times

Few have many

Many have nothing

Our leaders feckless

Directing their sabers

At those at the bottom

Instead of at those

That deserve it.

In their greed

The rich will kill us all.

Destroying our only home

To fill their coffers

With every last cent

When everything is dead

Who will be counted

Among the winners?

With great ignorance

The rich will kill us all.

We are like cattle


Milling around

Nothing done about those at the top

Who lead us to our slaughter

With great glee

The rich will kill us all.

(Unless we kill them first.)

New food experiment!

I had some lobster left over from my last cooking experiment, so I’m making something new with them!

BEHOLD!!! Lumpy Lobster Cakes

I mixed them with mayonnaise and seasoned them with oregano, old bay and chili powder. I’ll let you know if they work together!


Take some lobster meat

Mix it by hand with mayonnaise (WASH HANDS FIRST)

Add old bay, oregano and your choice of a third spice (I chose chili powder cuz I like spicy food)

Cook at 350 degrees for 25-30 minutes

Serve with a spoon (cakes will be crumbly) and enjoy! I had four cakes made so it can serve 2-4 people depending on number of people.

Till next time!

Shout at the sky (a poem about inequality)

Shout at the sky

Shout at the sky

All we can do is shout at the sky

They speak of God

Yet they’re the devil

I can’t believe

We treat them so civil

They steal our food

Our labor, our lives

And all we can do is shout at the sky

Shout at the sky

Wish we could do more

Than shout at the sky

They hoard the wealth

Like dragons in the dens

Wouldn’t using it

To heal make more sense?

And yet they hoard more

Till our babies cry

And all we can do is shout at the sky

Shout at the sky

All we can do

Until we all die

Been going about things wrong (TnV update/explanation)

Been a good while since the last Tom and Vince story left off with Vince floating in oblivion and Tom discovering he has a supporting cast beyond Morty and Satan. There’s a reason for that.

Been trying to do a sequel to the last story off and on (now mostly off) and I have begun to realize that making stories within a singular plot is hard. If I wanna get with the big names in writing I gotta step up my game!

I’m still working on that story, but while I am in an “off” phase I will try to make smaller stories around the new cast. I’ll try to get the first one out around the beginning of October.

Till next time everyone !