On writing Eastern style fiction…

Been thinking about getting back into writing fantasy style stories again. Now, we ALL have to admit that Western fantasy has been done. I think I may try to branch out and make a story with characters and creatures based on Eastern fantasy, while avoiding Japanese folklore. Which has ALSO been done. So, after IContinue reading “On writing Eastern style fiction…”

Been in a Funk, Please Forgive

I know I should be working on that TnV story I promised two months ago. I apologize for the wait, guys and gals. The main reason for the wait is, unfortunately, personal. I don’t know why, but I haven’t been able to write a sentence for weeks. It’s beyond writer’s block; it’s the stress ofContinue reading “Been in a Funk, Please Forgive”

Sneak peek of the next Tom and Vince Chapter

This chapter will have some rather… timely humor. Also, swearing, sexual humor and profanity. Reader beware. Tom and Vince were sitting at the lunch table eating some chicken fried pizza when Vince asked, “You hear how fucked up American politics is?” “JESUS, Vince!!” Tom cried out after swallowing his last mouthful. “Please, I’m eating here!!”Continue reading “Sneak peek of the next Tom and Vince Chapter”