Immortal’s Lament

You saw me weeping Down by the roadway, Clutching my heartstrings Wanting to feel again You went and showed me The light in my darkness While I was knowing I’d have to bury you. Sorry for taking So long to come back Your children are lovely And look at how tall you’ve grown. I’ll tellContinue reading “Immortal’s Lament”

What is worth leaving behind?

People are always talking about leaving a legacy— A testament to their history, their accomplishments. The worst try to subvert truth and make themselves look like saints And, depending on their wealth and status, they succeed. Some want their legacy to be known not by tales, but deeds— A great act, or a terrible crime.Continue reading “What is worth leaving behind?”

J Edgar Hoover was a Bastard

Authority is evil, and we all know it Attracting the worst of society, The degenerates and the sociopaths. The halls of power are lined with the blood of the innocent. The revolutionaries, the dreamers, the pure All victims All to be sacrificed by the mighty At the altar of power. We must rise. We mustContinue reading “J Edgar Hoover was a Bastard”

Miles in the Dark

Alone in the world Naysayers abound “You are wrong” they say “You false prophet!” They spit and curse at you. “How DARE you question our god!!” If they only knew That their god was false Like the last one was. Gotta keep moving. To stay in this town is death. New gods every 4 yearsContinue reading “Miles in the Dark”


We have been failed We are not the failure The rich and lazy Are to blame We are blameless We have been failed They take from us Endlessly Ceaselessly Having no shame No guilt or dissonance And they call us undeserving? Fuck them!! We must not be dulled We must put an end to theContinue reading “R I S E”


Oligarchs rake the profits Off the backs of you and me Relentless Cold hearted secret police Keep the twisted “order” To Punish and Enslave For the political class, The old grifter’s club! Selling our freedoms to the highest bidders We have no leaders All killed by the secret police COINTELPRO never ended It only evolved.Continue reading “Worried”