The Politics on the Outside

This is gonna be a post about that word that starts in ‘P’ and ends in ‘OLITICS’ so BE WARNED…. More to the point, this is about my political views and how they have led to me feeling isolated in life and social media. I’m far to the left of Bernie Sanders and am noContinue reading “The Politics on the Outside”

Return of Disability Blues

Back has been hurting me progressively worse for weeks. Had to call off the weekend (they have me scheduled on Sunday even though they want me back at work after-sneaky lol bosses!) and even now I hurt It mostly happens in the mornings. I can barely get out of bed! Went to the doctor onlyContinue reading “Return of Disability Blues”

Movies That Move Me Part 3: Don Bluth Special

Don Bluth has to be one of the greatest animators of my time-perhaps of ALL time. Two of my earliest movie experiences were the Land Before Time and An American Tail-both movies he is responsible for. He has done movies, video games, MAYBE a tv special(?)… he is someone who stands with the likes ofContinue reading “Movies That Move Me Part 3: Don Bluth Special”

Movies That Move Me, pt. 2: Robocop

I first watched this movie when I was 8 years old. It had come out four years prior and my family had a Beta tape of the movie. Remember BETAVISION? If you do, take your daily multivitamin with pride, cuz you, like me, are in need of some vitamins… Anyway, the movie revolves around theContinue reading “Movies That Move Me, pt. 2: Robocop”