The COntinuing Misadventures of Tom and VInce- Chapter 2

Gentlemen, BEHOLD!!! I have made a dated Adult Swim reference!! Also, another chapter in the misadventures of Tom and Vince. Enjoy! WARNING: ADULT CONTENT AHEAD!!! Misadventures of Tom and Vince Episode 2: Tom’s freaking sweet(?) porno collection Vince wasn’t happy.  Bad enough his co-star, Tom, had started to spend way too much time in hisContinue reading “The COntinuing Misadventures of Tom and VInce- Chapter 2”

A regular jack of all trades (and master of none)

What I have been up to during all this Hello again! Thought I would give everyone a bit of an update on my activities during this chaotic year in this chaotic world. I started to stream gameplay on Twitch in addition to work and writing. Hope I’m not taking on too much at once! IfContinue reading “A regular jack of all trades (and master of none)”

Back Problems, Quarantine Fun and Anxiety… Oh MY!

My dear sweet mother of crap, what a month… Back’s been bugging me a LOT this week. And by ‘bugging’, I mean ‘hurting a ton’. Doctor ordered me to stay off work this weekend because of it. Glad to have time to recuperate. Just wish I wasn’t beating myself up over the lost work! StupidContinue reading “Back Problems, Quarantine Fun and Anxiety… Oh MY!”

Keep Along

No matter what happens Keep along If the world falls into madness Keep along When you feel the creeping sadness Keep along If you fear the future Keep along Because things can get better Keep along Because dark times aren’t forever Keep along Because it’s the hardest thing to do sometimes Keep along

Any funny mods available for Fallout 4 (PS4)?

Been playing Fallout 4 on and off for at least a year now. I modeled my protagonist after the actor who played the Falcon (from the Marvel movies-a good actor!) last play through I admitted my affections for a companion.., and died of radiation poisoning less than a second later. Tried the romance option again-andContinue reading “Any funny mods available for Fallout 4 (PS4)?”

What critters could live in an environmental wasteland?

I have been working on a story that takes place in the aftermath of a societal collapse from climate change. It takes place 80-100 years after the event and I’m trying to figure out what creatures would live and thrive in such an event. Mundane ones would be crows, vultures and rats. Then there haveContinue reading “What critters could live in an environmental wasteland?”