Movies That Move Me, pt. 2: Robocop

The 1980’s one, naturally

I first watched this movie when I was 8 years old. It had come out four years prior and my family had a Beta tape of the movie. Remember BETAVISION? If you do, take your daily multivitamin with pride, cuz you, like me, are in need of some vitamins…

Anyway, the movie revolves around the idea of “what if we took a cop movie and made the cop a robot?” Only in this case the cop is in fact, a cyborg, not a robot.

The movie benefited from a good director (Paul Verhoven) and a script that was deeper than its initial idea would garner in modern times. The movie takes a look at humanity and what makes us, us. The title character is given a brief backstory before getting “upgraded” and follows his arc from normal cop to corporate tool and finally back to humanity. The movie also gives us a parodic look at 80’s corporate life, with Omno Consumer Products corporation at the center.

Officer Lewis asks Robocop if he remembers his name.

The movie spawned two sequels (one with a script by Frank “Sun City” Miller) and a 2014 remake that was a watered down imitation of the original. In my book the first one is the best, and not because of nostalgia. It is the one movie that beat utilized the effects of its time, especially the blood squibs.


I’ll see you guys next week. Till next time!

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