Movies That Move Me Part 3: Don Bluth Special

Don Bluth has to be one of the greatest animators of my time-perhaps of ALL time. Two of my earliest movie experiences were the Land Before Time and An American Tail-both movies he is responsible for.

Don Bluth among his creations

He has done movies, video games, MAYBE a tv special(?)… he is someone who stands with the likes of Walt Disney and Hayao Miyazaki in my humble opinion.

He worked mostly in the 80’s and 90’s back when kids movies were allowed to scare children, which is a good thing because it taught us that bad times often make us more grateful for the good times. I still remember the dream sequence from All Dogs Go to Heaven and it makes me shiver!! He is a master storyteller who I feel has become forgotten in these modern times.

A few of the films Don Bluth worked on

He left Hollywood after his last feature film (Titan AE) flopped HARD. How hard? Well, it kinda killed WB Animation Studios. But that was due mostly to management malfeasance and had nothing to do with the work Mr. Bluth put into the film. He tried getting back into it with a crowdfunding project meant to bring Dragon’s Lair to Netflix as a series, but it fell through (I donated to that campaign and have some swag from it. I’ll have to look for it sometime.)

I don’t know if Mr. Bluth does anything on WordPress but if he does, I hope he sees this and it brings a smile to his face. The man brought so many to mine.

Thank you Don Bluth!

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