Trouble at the job :(

I’ve had a long, LOOOONG line of toxic workplaces. So many I’m just sick of them altogether. My current job was supposed to be different, and for a while it was. But not anymore.

Got two thorns in my side; a coworker who glares at everyone and comes in on his days off to talk shit about people, and a supervisor who yells at me for sitting down. The supervisor is the worst, because I have a bad back and can’t be standing forever.

And the worst part? He knows. He knows that I have a bad back, but he yells at me and argues with me over it anyway! He’s threatened to erase my hours for the week, and said he’s gonna sign me out of work without my permission! And I have no one on my side (supposed to have an advocate but she hasn’t been answering my texts…

I’m sick of toxic bosses, and the workplaces they cultivate like poisonous vines. I have no skills outside of writing prose, and a high school education with some college. I don’t know what to do anymore…

Till next time, everyone.

Published by dustyplz

A thirty-something from PA. Lives with his father and pet cat (Captain Admiral President Ninja Master Snuggy). Works part-time as a grocery clerk with the standard greater aspirations of not being a grocery clerk. Writes short stories and poetry when time permits. Other interests include reading, playing video games and revolution.

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