The Mystic Song of Adelline

One day I was weeping

The cause of sorrow unsleeping

My peals of pain did ring

When I get heard a humming

That sent my heart drumming

Of a maiden’s voice that did sing.

She told of a place

Where sorrow had no place

And the sufferer’s pealed no more

And people danced all day

In sun and in rain

And the soles of their shoes never wore

“Come with me, oh nameless one,

And suffer in loneliness no more.

I hear your crying

Your thirst for dying

And want to help you love living once more.”

As I stood up and listened

Her eyes did glisten

And she sang to me of a place

Called Adelline.

Of harvests unending

And pain relenting

She spoke and sang more

And as I listened

My sorrow then listed

And I so wanted to love her

And hear her lore.

She offered her hand to me

And we danced off towards the sea

To a place joyful and warm.

And I tell you this day

I feel no more pain

As I extend to a hand to those forlorn.

Now sit tight

And believe with all your might

And I shall take thee to Adelline this morn.

Published by dustyplz

A thirty-something from PA. Lives with his father and pet cat (Captain Admiral President Ninja Master Snuggy). Works part-time as a grocery clerk with the standard greater aspirations of not being a grocery clerk. Writes short stories and poetry when time permits. Other interests include reading, playing video games and revolution.

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