Working on the holidays stinks

For those who don’t know, I work at a grocery store. I’m gonna be working on Wednesday. The same Wednesday that is the LITERAL DAY BEFORE THANKSGIVING.

Can you tell I’m stressing over this? Last time I worked a holiday in retail was at a movie theater, and it was ROUGH. Hopefully this’ll be different in a not so hectic way…

In between work and life I been writing down little ideas for a story I’m working on. It’s a post-apocalypse story, and I haven’t gotten as far as I want to be, but I’m not writing for fame and fortune as much as I am writing for myself at the moment. I sent in a story to a contest, and I could get a lot if I win, but I don’t think I will win…

Till next time, guys n gals!!

What I’m up to/What I’ve been writing…

Quick update for everyone. My work/life balance is still a work in progress. Thanksgiving is coming up, and as an employee of a grocery store, this is our busy time! I’m stressing over how busy next week will be!! And I’m working the day before!! UGH!!!

To get my mind off the stress of work, I’ve been doing a little writing and a LOT of gaming. It should be the other way around, I know. I need to work on it. Been playing Pokemon Sword, and I’m enjoying it. Made it to the first gym town. This is a grass type gym, and my two strongest types are strong against grass types, so I think I’m set! Just need to get my boys trained a bit more…

As for writing, I’m working on a post-apocalypse story. Kind of like a Fallout where the end wasn’t nuclear, but environmental and societal. Basically Fallout with no fallout! The main characters are a team of professional freelance soldiers who are sent to get an asset for a tech guild (technology is valuable in any post-apocalypse) and they end up entangled in a plot by the old-world Oligarchy to reclaim a special weapon that could end the world again. Haven’t gotten far in the story, just the first act. I’m debating the personality of the asset, whether to give them a special attribute. I’m debating making them autistic, though I don’t know much about autism (but I DO KNOW autism is NOT caused by vaccines, KAREN!!!!) If I go that route, I’ll need to do some research…

Signing off for now. Gotta work this afternoon. Till next time, guys!!

Pokémon Sword- 1st Impressions

Got the new Pokémon games yesterday (yes, games plural. I spoil myself like that). Paid them off months ago so all I had to do is pick them up.

Started playing Sword first, for reasons I can only call Freudian. My first thoughts? Hot damn this is better than the Let’s Go! Games. My next thought was how cinematic the opening is. Plus Charizard is back. Yay.

I gotta find out what my code is for trading Pokémon, because online is a thing now. I left off at the end of the prologue before hopping on the train to the open world. Once I get my first gym out of the way I’ll talk about the battling mechanics. Till next time!

Game on tomorrow!!

I’m not sure if y’all know this but I’m way into gaming.

I’m not hardcore or anything, but I like to dabble. I’m a dabbling gamer, lol!

Anyways, tomorrow is when Pokémon Sword and Shield comes out. I’ve been a fan since the Gold and Silver days (got the games for Christmas along with a game boy color!) and with both games preordered and paid off, I’m ready and raring to go!!!

I’m gonna try to head to the store early to get the games. I’ll let you know how it is!

Strange weather we’re having…

It’s supposed to be late Fall, but it seems more like a combination of Winter and (strange enough) Spring where I am.

It’s been cold, don’t get me wrong, but it’s also been warm at times. Take today for instance (shout out to Veteran’s Day. Also, if we REALLY valued our soldiers, we wouldn’t be traumatizing them in the name of profits.) It’s the middle of November, it should be cold, but it’ll be 60+ degrees out today! And it’s affecting the rest of the week, too. We WERE supposed to get snow tomorrow, but

Got a lil recognition at the job today. I work part time at a local grocery chain and they liked the job I am doing so much they gave me this star pin!

Apparently it’s a sign that I am exceeding expectations for the job, which is a first. Last job I worked refused to give me an exit interview and fired me over the phone. That job is gonna be an article for another time…

A Machine For Pigs

A poem

By Dustin Plank (Dusty_PlZ)



And never rest

The ones who fall

Shall feed the rest

Stock the shelves

And pay the bills

It ain’t worth nothing

If it can’t be shilled

Work, work, sleep, repeat

If you hate the monotony

You can live in the street

From when we are born

Our life is work

We work for money

We work for country

We work for God

In the end, we work for nothing

With our bodies and minds we feed it

And our sacrifice keeps the machine going

How I wish someone would throw a grenade in the works

So mankind would never work again

Simply to feed a machine for pigs

On being unknown

It sucks being a nobody. Especially in a world where being somebody is an inherited trait.

People tend to take celebrity for granted in this age of social media. “just make a YouTube video and people will notice you”

Sounds nice. Until it isn’t. If someone puts a video of you doing the WRONG thing, it can ruin your life… or end it. That knowledge tends to dissuade people, making fame a sort of double edged sword…

Knowing that puts us in a strange situation. It’s human nature to want attention, but is even the cost of good attention (fame, celebrity) worth the time and effort put into it? Look at how celebrities are treated when they express an opinion. The reaction is shameful! Its as if after a certain point you are not allowed to have an opinion at all!!

So that being said, which in your opinion is worse: being known or unknown? I would settle for being known a little, but that’s just me…