Sanctuary Isle-Geography and History

The picture featured is my VERY FIRST attempt at drawing geography. This is an original island nation, formerly known as Atlantis, renamed after the Atlantean capital of Attuna sunk along with half the island during a titanic tussle between the super-powered immortal called Demigod and a gigantic wraith made of fire and shadow known as Agemmnos.

The sunken capital has become part of a sunken district populated by a race of amphibious aliens called Zantaurians (they’re kinda like humanoid dolphin-people) while the new capital has been designated as Sanc. There is an intergalactic market (the Galactic Terminal Market) in San Mordeno, and plenty of crime in the nearby Mixed Slums (thanks to lax practices in the early part of First Contact a lot of criminal ETs live on Earth).

The sunken geography features an underwater mountain range full of fish life and coral reefs, which is good for the Zantaurians (and great for Zantaurian fishing businesses!) and the cliffs off to the South are home to another of Sanctuary Isle’s famous citizens, Agatha Prentiss Apple (a former High Regent and pre-cog, as well as the nation’s oldest resident.) The nation itself is located off the coast of Portugal/Spain, and stands as the gateway to the Atlantic and the Americas….

I will talk more about this world and its lore if you’d like. Till Next Time!

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