Disability Blues: The Bombshell

Today, I was delivered an atom bomb.

I been out of work for a long time (two 1/2 months) with a back injury. I been calling, and calling, and waiting for a call to schedule a evaluation, cause I thought that’s what I needed to get back to work.

I get a call from the benefits coordinator for my job, and GUESS WHAT MOFOS?!? I was supposed to be working since February 1st! And my doctor conveniently FORGOT TO TELL ME!!

So now, I am wracked with anxiety over when I should go back to work and wether I even have a job anymore! I could’ve known sooner if I had just done more advocating for myself. Let this be a lesson to anyone who is disabled and working: NEVER STOP ADVOCATING FOR YOURSELF.

Well, that’s all the rant I have left. Till next time!

Published by dustyplz

A thirty-something from PA. Lives with his father and pet cat (Captain Admiral President Ninja Master Snuggy). Works part-time as a grocery clerk with the standard greater aspirations of not being a grocery clerk. Writes short stories and poetry when time permits. Other interests include reading, playing video games and revolution.

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