What is worth leaving behind?

People are always talking about leaving a legacy—

A testament to their history, their accomplishments.

The worst try to subvert truth and make themselves look like saints

And, depending on their wealth and status, they succeed.

Some want their legacy to be known not by tales, but deeds—

A great act, or a terrible crime.

Making a mark on the world that lingers on, becoming legend.

What should we leave behind—

Tales, or deeds?

Should it be both?

And what if we have nothing to leave?

Published by dustyplz

A thirty-something from PA. Lives with his father and pet cat (Captain Admiral President Ninja Master Snuggy). Works part-time as a grocery clerk with the standard greater aspirations of not being a grocery clerk. Writes short stories and poetry when time permits. Other interests include reading, playing video games and revolution.

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