Update: what I’ve been up to before the Hub was created

As I mentioned, I am an amateur writer, which is not to say I am inexperienced at all. I have written stories and poems that I have submitted to contests @ Writers Digest among other publications. I also have worked on a comic book story for Southeast Comics (it’s date of publication is tbd, unfortunately).Continue reading “Update: what I’ve been up to before the Hub was created”

The Vacant House-a Choose-your-path story

The House had been empty for over twenty years. No one dared to go in, not after what had happened there. The local paper taken to calling the place, “The Butcher House”. Ironic, because the last family that lived there was the Bakers. They had owned that house for generations, right up until the lastContinue reading “The Vacant House-a Choose-your-path story”