How long it’s been

How long it’s been

Since I saw you.

I used to look forward to you,

Now I dread seeing you.

I blocked all ties to you

From my mind,

My heart,

My contacts

And my social media.

Your last words,

“Kiss my ass, boy”

A reminder of what I meant to you.

I was nothing to you!

But a reminder of who you hate

Part of the Old,

To be tossed aside for the New.

I used to love you,

I used to yearn for your call,

Now? You are nothing

You are hated,



A lousy mother

Who hated her son.

This is dedicated to all of us who have had to suffer living under a toxic parent. We all have scars from our bad times. If we’re lucky they’ll lie under our skin…

On that somber note, till next time.

Published by dustyplz

A thirty-something from PA. Lives with his father and pet cat (Captain Admiral President Ninja Master Snuggy). Works part-time as a grocery clerk with the standard greater aspirations of not being a grocery clerk. Writes short stories and poetry when time permits. Other interests include reading, playing video games and revolution.

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