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I haven’t been able to get the time to write a lot. Gotta budget my time a little better, I think.

Last year I discovered a series of books called the Dark Elf Trilogy and to level of detail author R.A. Salvatore puts into these works is next level!! The first volume (Homeland) sets up the tale of its hero (Drizzt the Dark Elf). I don’t want to spoil the story for those who haven’t read it. I recommend this and the other Forgotten Realms books for folks who are into fantasy (like me)!

I’m also a fan of Batman comics. I don’t agree with the character from a practical standpoint (if he’s rich enough to make his gadgets from scratch he’s rich enough to push for a better quality of living in Gotham so no one needs to be a purse snatcher/criminal/clown prince of crime/etc.) but its a fictional world, so whatever. My favorite story is the Long Halloween. It’s not only a great story, taking place on multiple holidays for a year, but it’s a great starting point for people who are new to Batman.

That’s what I have been reading for now. If anyone has a book that they want to recommend for anyone to read, post it in the comments. Till next time!!

Blog Entry #2

Pardon my angst

I have been dealing with a lot of anger towards my station in life. I know it’s normal to feel bad that you aren’t successful in life, and I guess that is how it is. I’m coming off my first hard day at work. Turns out my bosses don’t have as much faith in me as I thought. Feels like the bad days of the old job again…

Blog entry #???

I’m afraid I been updating the main page a bit much, neglecting too many other things I have set up. Trying to change that.

I put up an entry in poems. Better late than never, I guess. It reads like a horror story but in poetic-ish form. I’m not great at this yet…

It is June 11th 2020 btw. My last update was six days ago, on the main site. Been off of work due to a bad fall. Heading back on Saturday. Is it strange that I am worried?!

July 3, 2020

I just watched an episode of Extra Credits that struck me to my core.

It is about the destruction of Greenwood (aka Black Wall Street). Time and time again I am amazed by the utter cruelty of white people!! As a white man myself, it disturbs me beyond words. As the past and present show no sign of change I begin to wonder if the persecuted should arm themselves and learn guerrilla war tactics in order to combat this evil that is entrenched in our society.

The problem with nonviolent protest is it requires the opponent to have a conscience

I don’t know why all that above is in bold… strange.

August 26, 2020

Feeling angry at my country. What else can I be when a good number of my people are defending a murderer?! I am referring to Kyle Rittenouse (or whatever that pos is called) who went to Wisconsin with the intent to kill people he thought of as beneath him.

Well, he got what he wanted, and two people are dead. That part is infuriating enough. But to see people act like he was there for some altruistic reason (that no one asked for him to be there never crossed any of their heads) makes me see red.

I hate what these extremists have done to my country, that I call home. I think we’ll have to arm ourselves to fight their evil. Peace is no longer an option.

I repeat: Peace is No Longer an Option

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